Cocktails in a Can

Capture All of the Feelings of Summer with Cocktails in a Can

Cocktails in a can, also known as “ready to drink” alcoholic beverages, are having a major moment. In fact, TrendSource recently highlighted them (alongside craft beer and kombucha) for their meteoric rise in…

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Cigar City Brewing

Experience the Flavor of Tampa with Cigar City Brewing

Mancini Beverage is excited to announce that we now offer a selection of beers from Florida-based Cigar City Brewing in both our Rhode Island and Connecticut portfolios. About Cigar City Brewing Brewing out of…

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Organic Kombucha Craze

Getting in On the Organic Kombucha Craze  

Kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years. However, the Kombucha craze didn’t hit the U.S. market until about a decade ago. Today, it’s a popular option, especially when it…

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Oregon Wine

Tour Oregon Wine Country Without Leaving Rhode Island

If you’ve yet to experience the incredible quality of Oregon wines, you’re missing out on some of the best wine the U.S. has to offer. While touring Oregon wine country…

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Crook & Marker

Meet Crook & Marker: A Next-Level Spiked and Sparkling Beverage  

There are hard seltzers, and then there’s Crook & Marker, created by Benn Weiss, the brainchild of Bai Water. This zingy spiked and sparkling beverage offers all of the “party in your…

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Experience the Irish Whiskey Renaissance with Roe & Co

Roe & Co is a new premium Blended Irish Whiskey, named in honor of the 19th-century whiskey distiller George Roe, a true pioneer of Irish Whiskey. Roe ran Ireland’s largest distillery during Irish whiskey’s…

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New to Mancini Beverage – Stowe Cider

Mancini Beverage now offers a great selection of hard ciders from Stowe Cider for distribution to our Rhode Island customers. Vermont’s Stowe Cider was founded in 2013 with a mission to create…

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Heineken 0.0

Heineken 0.0: For the Times You Can’t, Now You Can!

Sometimes water or soda just won’t cut it and alcohol is not an option. Just released in the United States, Heineken 0.0 delivers exceptional taste and quality synonymous with the…

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Stella Artois campaign

Mancini Beverage Pours It Forward with Stella Artois

In 2017, Stella Artois partnered with, launching a four-year campaign to help support clean water for people in the developing world. The commitment is to help provide 3.5 million…

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Four Lord Hobo Flavors

Four of Lord Hobo’s Greatest Flavors Are Now Available in the New England Sampler 12-Pack

Four of Lord Hobo’s Greatest Flavors Are Now Available in the New England Sampler 12-Pack The holiday season is all about sharing good times with loved ones while indulging in…

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WHY CHOOSE CHERRiSH? NO SUGAR ADDED ANTI-INFLAMMATORY THAT AIDS MUSCLE RECOVERY ANTIOXIDANTS “Nearly all of the health research on cherries has been conducted on the U.S. grown Montmorency variety vs….

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8/10 National Connecticut Day

On August 10, National Connecticut Day recognizes the contributions of the fifth state to join the United States of America. How can you celebrate? Explore all the adventures Connecticut has…

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Say Hello to Jameson Orange; Jameson Irish Whiskey infused with natural orange flavor. WHAT Jameson Irish Whiskey infused with a hint of zesty natural orange flavor. Jameson’s newest and most…

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Moscato Mother’s Day Guide- Which Moscato Mom Are You?

As humans, it’s in our nature to label everything. Who gets the brunt of it all? Mothers, of course! These are among the the most common “Type of Mom” labels…

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April Sours Bring May Flowers

#SourSeason is officially here and Mancini Beverage wants to make sure you and your customers are in the know. CT- Thimble Island, Smuttynose, White Birch, & New Belgium RI- Smuttynose…

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Let Your Customers Know… Seltzer Season is Back!

#SeltzerSeason is upon us! And what better way to get your customers excited than stocking up with your favorite brands; new and old! New Belgium Fruit Smash Seltzer White Claw…

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Mancini Beverage Celebrates Black History Month

For us, celebrating Black History Month is to acknowledge, highlight, and show our appreciation for all of our partners who are either black-owned or participating in the change the world…

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6 Literary Cocktails

book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald cocktail: Flaming Sidecar Ingredients 30ml Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, plus extra to serve 15ml Cointreau or other orange liqueur Juice 1/2…

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Connecticut’s January “Better For You” Brands

January–the month of resolutions, new beginnings, fresh starts. One thing many of us would agree on is striving to make ourselves better; whether that looks like exercising, embracing who you…

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Seedlip-Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirits

What-To-Drink-When-You’re-Not-Drinking The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits has landed in Rhode Island at Mancini Beverage. Founder Ben Branson is changing the way the world drinks with these natural, high-quality non-alcoholic…

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