Stella Artois campaign

Mancini Beverage Pours It Forward with Stella Artois

In 2017, Stella Artois partnered with, launching a four-year campaign to help support clean water for people in the developing world. The commitment is to help provide 3.5 million…

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Four Lord Hobo Flavors

Four of Lord Hobo’s Greatest Flavors Are Now Available in the New England Sampler 12-Pack

Four of Lord Hobo’s Greatest Flavors Are Now Available in the New England Sampler 12-Pack The holiday season is all about sharing good times with loved ones while indulging in…

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Wheatley Vodka

Wheatley Vodka: The Pleasing Vodka with a Story

Looking for a unique, award-winning spirit for your customers? Wheatley Vodka is a great choice. This vodka is made from scratch, hand-crafted and creates a balanced yet still delicate profile….

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A Captain’s Feast to Spice up your Thanksgiving Holiday

We’ve dug up some forgotten Captain Morgan Thanksgiving Recipes to share with you, in hopes we can spice up your holiday! Whether you’re the organized preparer or the last-minute cook,…

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Dogfish Head IPA's for Holidays

Dogfish Head Holiday Pack Featuring Viniferous IPA and the Return of Sixty-One

Do you know what you’ll be drinking or what beverages you’ll have for your friends and family at your holiday party this year? If not, ’tis the time of year…

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Bottled Water: Top Selling Beverage in the Country

As much as you need to have other beverages on your shelves, bottled water is actually the top selling beverage in the country, as reported by Fortune. The grab-and-go beverage…

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Fall Beers

7 Fall Beers Your Customers in Connecticut Want This Year

While any season is a good season for a beer, the fall is usually the most popular. With an influx of frothy favorites, your customers are going to be asking…

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Miraval Provence

Miraval Rosé from Hollywood’s Elite

Miraval, the wine label owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, is still very much alive even after the celebrity couple’s split. In 2008, the power couple purchased Château Miraval,…

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Captain Morgan Apple Smash

Captain Morgan Smashes into Summer with Apple-Flavored Rum

When the weather is hot outside, nothing is more refreshing than a cold, fruity flavored cocktail. Now, with Captain Morgan’s newest release, your customers will have an easy choice to…

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Crowd-Pleaser Multi-Packs of Waters, Juices, Teas and Much More

With a busy schedule of BBQs, vacations, and house parties this summer, multi-packs are a perfect solution. We have many options that can meet your customers’ demands, including waters, juices,…

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Connecticut’s January “Better For You” Brands

January–the month of resolutions, new beginnings, fresh starts. One thing many of us would agree on is striving to make ourselves better; whether that looks like exercising, embracing who you…

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Seedlip-Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirits

What-To-Drink-When-You’re-Not-Drinking The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits has landed in Rhode Island at Mancini Beverage. Founder Ben Branson is changing the way the world drinks with these natural, high-quality non-alcoholic…

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‘Tis the season for giving back – The Bulleit Frontier Fund

Mancini Beverage is honored to work with brands that have dedicated so much time, money, and innovation to help the hospitality industry during these times. Cheers to giving back to…

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6 Non-Pumpkin Beers to Enjoy this Fall

There’s no need to feel like you’re missing out this season if you’re not a fan of pumpkin. The taste of fall comes in more flavors than one and that’s…

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Now Available in 5 Connecticut counties: WHALERS BREWING COMPANY

We are very excited to announce that we have been appointed as the new home to Whalers Brewing Company out of Wakefield Rhode Island. Selling in the following Connecticut Counties:…

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Favorite Fall Flavors from Mancini Beverage

Apple 1911 Cider Donut 1911 Cider Donut hard cider is blended with brown sugar and spices to create the warm, toasty, “perfect fall” flavor of this favorite treat. Baileys Apple…

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So Long Sweet Summer

It’s time to say so long to summer again. Although this summer looked different than past, we hope lasting memories were made all the same. Saying “see ya later” to…

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Gray Whale Gin

❝ Taste your way along the Pacific Coastline ❞  🐋 86 PROOF 🐋 43% ALC/VOL 🐋 GLUTEN-FREE 🐋 SEVEN TIMES DISTILLED 🐋 ORGANIC OR WILD FORAGED Every year the California…

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Spike Your 5 Favorite Virgin Summer Drinks

① ARNOLD PALMER Captain Palmer Cocktail INGREDIENTS 3 ounces brewed tea 1 tablespoon honey (or agave nectar) 1 to 2 ounces Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1/2 ounce freshly-squeezed lemon juice Lemon slice, for garnish INSTRUCTIONS Combine all ingredients,…

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SHE CAN, More than Wine in a Can

The McBride Sisters Wine Collection story is unlike any other. Living separate lives continents apart, the two sisters -Robin and Andréa- were raised in the same environment. In the wine…

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