What’s New at Mancini Beverage?

Ole Smoky Cookie Dough COMING SOON

Ole Smoky has taken the beloved flavors of mouth watering chocolate chip cookie dough and mixed them in with their aged whiskey. They say it’s “So good, you might just lick the glass!

Available in RI at Mancini Beverage

Tasmanian Pure Vodka

TPV says, “We know what a vodka should be: approachable by design in taste and price and made with the purest of ingredients so you can feel good drinking it.” What more could you ask from a brand!?

Available in RI at Mancini Beverage

Baileys S’mores COMING SOON

Treat yourself to the yummiest Bailey’s release yet! Limited Edition Bailey’s S’mores combines your favorite fire-side flavors – rich chocolate, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallow, finished with their famously delicious Irish Cream.

Available in RI at Mancini Beverage

Bellini Canella Cocktails

Sending a piece of Venice to every corner of the globe – Bellini Canella Cocktails are simply made with prosecco and peach puree. No artificial colorings, added flavorings or sugar.

Available in RI at Mancini Beverage

Stella Artois Liberté

The non-alcoholic version of the Stella Artois you know and love. Still delivering the floral aroma, balanced malt sweetness, hoppy bitterness, and dry finish…without the alcohol!

Available in CT at Mancini Beverage

Sierra Nevada Hop Splash

Sierra Nevada Hop Splash is a new sparkling hop-infused water that goes 100% on hop flavor 0 on everything else: 0 alcohol, 0 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar.

Available in CT & RI at Mancini Beverage

400 Conejos

The award-winning 400 Conejos is well-balanced and smooth with soft hints of wood, sweet notes of cooked agave, and a pleasant smoky finish.

Available in RI at Mancini Beverage

Böen Pinot Noir

This Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is rich in ripe fruit flavors and balanced by bright acidity and judicious hints of toasty oak.

Available in RI at Mancini Beverage

Bolero Snort Brewery

This Light and Hazy IPA is the perfect companion for the weekend ahead with enough juiciness to keep the party going!

Available in CT at Mancini Beverage

Red Schooner Transit 1

Sourced from Southern Australia, mostly Shiraz with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon- Transit 1 is bold featuring scents of smoky meat, chocolate and wet soil.

The Walking Fool Red Wine

This Zinfandel is silky scarlet red with luminous highlights. It opens with a lean earthiness—the scent of rustic wood mixes with sweet spice, a whiff of cigar box, dusty pavement and old leather, infused with garden ripe strawberries and cherries.


AgaVida is derived from 100% Blue Agave nectar, the same organic material needed to distill authentic tequila. It is then sweetened with syrup from the same 100% Blue Agave that is used in the fermentation process.

Dos Maderas

This rum transforms any of the classic rum cocktails, from Mai Tais to Daiquiris, transporting you to the tropics, but with a taste of Jerez too.

Reminder to please reach out to your sales reps for more information on these products!