Wheatley Vodka: The Pleasing Vodka with a Story

Looking for a unique, award-winning spirit for your customers? Wheatley Vodka is a great choice. This vodka is made from scratch, hand-crafted and creates a balanced yet still delicate profile. Bottled at 82 proof and made with 200 years of distilling experience, your customers will agree – this is how vodka is supposed to taste! Here are all the details about this prize-winning, well-rounded vodka that we have in our wine and spirits collection.

What Makes Wheatley Unique

Nowadays, when people look to purchase vodka, they are looking for an authentic spirit with a rich background versus a flavored or fruity alternative. Wheatley Vodka is filtered with limestone water (which filters out iron and adds in magnesium and calcium) and is created at the world’s oldest and most award-winning distillery, Buffalo Trace . Wheatley Vodka is the creation of Harlen Wheatley, Buffalo Trace Master Distiller, utilizing the same principles for quality and taste that have made the group’s famous bourbon portfolio stand out among the rest.

It is proudly American made and distilled in Kentucky for a total of 10 times, in small batches. This distillation process gives Wheatley Vodka a clean, crisp taste, making it one of the purest vodkas on the market. Your customers will also appreciate that its quality taste does not come with a hefty price tag – its price is competitive with most American made craft vodkas.

How to Drink Wheatley

The beauty of Wheatley Vodka is that is can be thoroughly enjoyed by itself, chilled in a shot glass, or as the star in a hand-crafted cocktail. Some might prefer a classic Vodka Martini made with 3 oz. of Wheatley Vodka and .5 oz. of Dry Vermouth. After a long day at work, a White Russian made with 2 oz. of Wheatley Vodka, 1 oz. Cold Brew Coffee, and 1.5 oz. Bourbon Cream served over ice may sound perfect to others.

If you’re looking for a crowd pleaser with the holiday’s coming up, a Cran Holiday Punch is a good way to go – combine 1 Bottle of Wheatley Vodka, 20 oz. of Cranberry Juice, .5 cup cinnamon syrup (or to taste), 1 Bottle of Champagne, 1 Orange (Sliced), Cinnamon Sticks, and Cranberries in a bowl; fill with ice and garnish with orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and cranberries. Whether served as a cocktail or on its own, customers will be satisfied with the taste, quality, price, and consistency of Wheatly Vodka.

Where to Get Wheatley

If you are looking to stock your northeast liquor store or restaurant with Wheatley Vodka, Mancini Beverage is here to help. Mancini Beverage has been providing professional, dependable service to northeast businesses since 1959. As a knowledgeable beverage distributor, we have the expertise to help make sure you have your shelves fully stocked with the drinks your customers want like Wheatley Vodka. To get Wheatley Vodka and other quality beverages for your business, contact us today.