Four of Lord Hobo’s Greatest Flavors Are Now Available in the New England Sampler 12-Pack

Four of Lord Hobo’s Greatest Flavors Are Now Available in the New England Sampler 12-Pack

The holiday season is all about sharing good times with loved ones while indulging in your favorite food and drink. What pairs better with a cold New England winter than a smooth, hazy New England IPA?

New England IPAs (or NEIPAs, for short) have exploded in popularity in the short time they’ve been around. NEIPAs offer a delicious alternative to other IPA styles, with most beer drinkers finding it quite quaffable. Whether you’re looking to try an NEIPA for the first time or you’re already a fan of Lord Hobo’s brews, the New England Sampler 12-pack gives you four excellent varieties to enjoy.

New England IPAs Offer Bold, Yet Drinkable Flavor

New England IPAs are a relatively new style, originating on the scene in Vermont in 2010. NEIPAs are generally unfiltered, hazy, or cloudy with a smooth mouthfeel. This is in stark contrast to the drier, more bitter taste of West Coast IPAs that can be a turn off for certain drinkers. NEIPAs offer a more palatable option to those who find conventional IPAs too acidic – all without sacrificing flavor or alcohol content. NEIPAs are also known for big, bright, citrusy aromas and flavors.

Massachusetts brewer Lord Hobo is passionate about New England style beers, and only crafts with top quality grains and hops. Lord Hobo’s New England Sampler is a delicious way for your customers to warm up through the cold winter nights ahead. It’s easy to pack into the fridge for guests, to give as a gift, or enjoy all on your own.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

Hobo Life Session IPA. 4.5% ABV 74 IBU. Dry-hopped with Citra and resting on 20% flaked oats, soft Hobo Life is super quaffable and bursting with bright, citrusy notes of lime and grapefruit. It’s a perfect beer for introducing a friend to the wonderful world of IPAs, or for drinking all night long.

Boom Sauce New England IPA. 7.8% ABV 78 IBU. This golden, hazy brew is full of tasty complexity, featuring six hop varietals including Ella, Mosaic, and Falconer’s Flight. Spelt, oats, and wheat malts add to the depth. An aroma of fruits, pine, and sweet malt with a citrus and tropical fruit finish ensures that Boom Sauce will become your next favorite IPA.

Glorious Galaxy Pale Ale. 6.5% ABV 72 IBU. Galaxy hops, a desirable hop varietal native to Australia, gives Glorious a delicious peach-grape aroma and tropical fruit flavor. Each sip is delightfully smooth with incredible mouthfeel.

Angelica New England Wheat. 5.5% ABV 20 IBU. A New England take on a classic beer style, Angelica offers the refreshing drinkability of a wheat beer combined with fruit juice characteristics and elegant haze.

Put Lord Hobo on Your Shelves This Holiday Season

Lord Hobo’s authentic, full flavored New England IPAs are excellent for sipping after a big holiday meal or for ringing in the New Year, so be sure to stock your shelves with the New England Sampler 12-pack, now.

This unique sampler is not available through every beverage distributor. Contact Mancini Beverage to get these glorious Hobo brews inside your cooler today!

(Note: This product is only available to Connecticut retailers at this time.)