A Captain’s Feast to Spice up your Thanksgiving Holiday

We’ve dug up some forgotten Captain Morgan Thanksgiving Recipes to share with you, in hopes we can spice up your holiday! Whether you’re the organized preparer or the last-minute cook, we have an entire menu laid out for you.


Let’s start with an appetizer!



Spiced Rum Pumpkin Soup

(serves 6-8)


+ 3 cups pumpkin, diced and peeled                    + 1 ½ cups heavy cream or milk

(or canned) or acorn squash                           + Sprinkle of nutmeg

+ 1 small onion, chopped                                      + Season to taste

+ 6 cups chicken broth                                          + Optional garnish: toasted pumpkin seeds

+ 3/4 cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum


+ Cook pumpkin and onion in chicken broth for 30 minutes bringing to a simmer.

+ Puree mixture in a blender.

+ Re-heat on low, stirring in Spiced Rum, cream, nutmeg, and seasonings.

+ Add optional toasted pumpkin seed garnish upon serving.


Time for dinner! The delicious turkey is a classic, but we want to offer the unordinary for you and your guests.



Spiced Rum-Glazed Cornish Hens

(Serves 8)



+ 8 Cornish hens, about 1lb. each       Spiced Rum Glaze:                  Gravy:

+1/2 cup softened butter (1 stick)      + 1/2 cup dark corn syrup       + 2 cups chicken broth

+ 3 garlic cloves, finely minced          + 1/4 cup Captain Morgan      + 2 tbs. cornstarch

+ 1 tsp. tarragon                                 Spiced Rum                             + 2 tbs. water

+ 1/4 tsp. pepper                                                                                + 2 tbs. Captain Morgan

+ 2 tsp. salt                                                                                          Spiced Rum

                                                                                                            + 1 tbs. lemon juice


+ Preheat oven to 425º

+ Rinse and dry hens.

+ Combine butter, garlic, tarragon and pepper in a small bowl.

+ Rub hens inside and out with the butter mixture.

+ Sprinkle cavity of each hen with salt and tie legs together with a string.

+ Roast hens, breast side down for 15 minutes.

+ While cooking, combine glaze ingredients.

+ Remove from oven and turn hens breast side up.

+ Glaze ingredients and brush onto the hens.

+ Roast 40-45 minutes more, glazing hens again during the last 20 minutes.

+ Remove to serving platter and cover with foil.



+ During roasting time, simmer chicken broth in saucepan for 20 minutes and set aside.

+ In a small bowl, combine cornstarch, water and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum; stir into broth.

+ Add juices from roasting pan.

+ Cook to boiling; add lemon juice and remove from heat.

+ Serve with the hens.



The perfect recipe for a tasty side comes next. Is your mouth watering yet? Just wait, this is only the start.



Spiced Rum-Glazed Sweet Potato, Apple, Cashew Casserole

(Serves 8)


+ 3 lbs. sweet potatoes, canned                     + 1/2 cup honey

+ 3 Golden Delicious apples,                          + 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

peeled, cored and sliced in wedges               + 1/4 cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

+ Lemon juice                                                 + 1/4 tsp. each ginger, mace

+ 1/2 cup sweet butter                                   + 1/2 cup unsalted whole cashews

+ 1/2 cup brown sugar


+ Slice sweet potatoes into 1/4” slices.

+ Sprinkle apples with lemon juice.

+ Alternate sweet potatoes and apple slices in baking dish.

+ In saucepan, heat butter, brown sugar, honey, Spiced Rum and spices until sugar is dissolved.

+ Spoon over baking dish.

+ Bake in 400º oven for 30 minutes.

+ Distribute cashews over top, bake 5 minutes more.


We haven’t forgotten the beverages! Your guests will be pleased with what’s next on the menu.



Spiced Rum Egg Nog


+ 6 large eggs, plus 2 yolks                             + 1/2 cup Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

+ 2/3 cups sugar                                             + 2 tbs. vanilla

+ Pinch of salt                                                 + 1/2 tsp. grated nutmeg

+ 2 cups whole milk                                        + 1 cup sweetened whipped cream

+ 2 cups coconut milk                                     + Additional grated nutmeg and toasted

coconut for garnish



+ Combine eggs, yolks, sugar, and salt in a large pot over medium low heat, whisking until well-combined/

+ Add milk and coconut milk in a slow, steady stream until incorporated.

+ Reduce heat to low.

+ Stir for 20-25 minutes or until mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon.

+ Strain mixture into a bowl; add rum and stir to combine.

+ Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

+ When ready to serve, pour into toasted coconut rimmed glass and top with whipped cream.

+ Sprinkle with nutmeg.



It’s the best time of the meal, we have two desserts to choose from but we won’t tell if you make them both..



Spiced Rum Pecan Pie

(Serves 8)


+ 9” unbaked pie crust                                    + 2 tbs. melted butter

+ 4 eggs                                                           + 1/2 tsp. salt

+ 1/4 cup Captain Morgan                              + 1 ½ cups pecans

Spiced Rum                                                     Whipped cream

+ 1 ½ cups dark corn syrup


+ Preheat oven to 350º.

+ Line 9” pie pan with crust.

+ Beat eggs lightly in a bowl.

+ Stir in Spiced Rum, corn syrup, butter and salt.

+ Distribute pecans evenly in pie shell.

+ Pour filling into pastry.

+ Bake about 45 minutes or until filling is set.


Pair with beverage:


Shiver Me Timbers

+ ¾ oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum                           + Hot, strong coffee


Pour Spiced Rum into coffee cup or mug. Fill with hot coffee and serve.




Spiced Rum Banana Bread

(Serves 8)


+ 1/2 cup softened butter                               + 1 tsp. baking soda

+ 1 cup sugar                                                  + 1 tsp. baking powder

+ 2 eggs beaten                                              + 1/2 tsp. salt

+ 3-4 ripe bananas, mashed                           + 1/2 cup chopped nuts, optional

+ 1/2 cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum



+ Preheat oven to 350º.

+ In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar; add eggs.

+ In separate bowl, combine bananas and Spiced Rum.

+ Sift dry ingredients together (except nuts).

+ Gradually beat banana and flour mixtures into eggs.

+ Stir in chopped nuts, if desired.

 + Turn into well-greased 8 ½ x 4 ½ x 2 ½ loaf pan.

+ Bake 1 hour, making one loaf.


Pair with beverage:


Hot Buttered Spiced Rum


+ 1 ½ oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum                       + 1 tbs. butter

            + 1 tsp. sugar                                                              + 1-2 whole cloves


Place ingredients in mug; fill with boiling water. Stir and serve.




Unfortunately, our job here is done. We apologize to leave you with these cravings, but we certainly hope you enjoy at least one recipe from the Captain’s feast this Thanksgiving holiday. Please remember to enjoy responsibly!