Getting in On the Organic Kombucha Craze  

Kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years. However, the Kombucha craze didn’t hit the U.S. market until about a decade ago. Today, it’s a popular option, especially when it comes to health and wellness.

There’s a reason why so many people are reaching for this fermented drink. It’s been praised for offering a multitude of benefits, including everything from improving digestion and boosting weight loss to reducing heart disease risk and fighting cancer. Plus, it’s sweet yet tangy taste is distinctively delicious.

Here’s a closer look at two organic kombucha products offered by Mancini Beverage.

Kombucha with a Kick

Most commercial kombucha tea is considered non-alcoholic because it contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol. But if you’re looking for a fun twist on this cult-classic beverage, check out Flying Embers Organic Hard Kombucha.

The company’s origin story is an impressive one. Originally founded as Fermented Sciences in 2016, the company aimed to disrupt the beverage industry through the introduction of a revolutionary botanical brew with functional benefits. The operation, housed in a historic stone wine cellar in Ojai, California, almost went down in flames – literally – when a massive wildfire threatened the area. Fortunately, the winds changed direction, later inspiring the group to change their name to Flying Embers – an homage to the stroke of luck that kept their dream alive.

Today, Flying Embers brews out of Ventura, California. The company combines traditional roots with innovative fermentation techniques to bring next-level beverage seekers the world’s best-tasting and most beneficial alcoholic beverage. Fermented with a base of ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, and astragalus, Flying Embers is available in three extraordinary flavors: earthy and rich Ginger & Oak, sweet and bright Ancient Berry, and floral and refreshing Lemon Orchard.

And did we mention that Flying Embers is certified USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-pasteurized? We challenge you to find an alcoholic beverage you can feel better about drinking.

Good for Humans and the Planet

Of course, there’s a time and place for alcoholic beverages. But what about when you’re looking for something suitable for everyday enjoyment? Mancini Beverage also offers a non-alcoholic Kombucha option: Brew Dr. Kombucha.

Available in bottles, cans, and on tap, all of Mancini Beverage’s 9 Brew Dr. flavors are raw, real, and refreshing. For a light, summery drink, try the dynamic new seasonal brew, blended with hibiscus, orange, lemon and thyme: Flower Power. Or, if you’re looking for something richer, consider Spiced Apple. Brew Dr. even offers a lavender and jasmine infused option called Love (and the company donates one percent of its monthly Love profits to organizations that protect the planet).

Whether you’re a longtime kombucha lover or just now jumping on the band-wagon, Mancini Beverage is the perfect place to explore this healthful drink. A leading beverage distributor serving more than 8,500 customers in Rhode Island and Connecticut, family-owned Mancini Beverage boasts a product portfolio including more than 4,000 industry leading brands in all beverages categories. Contact us today to place your order for Flying Embers, Brew Dr., and more.