Narragansett – The Classic Summer Beer

Narragansett’s Rhode Island roots make this brand a year-round favorite up and down the coast of New England. With a long and celebrated history, Narragansett beer is beloved by everyone who enjoys high-quality, refreshing flavors.

Unwavering Quality for Over 100 Years

Narragansett Brewing Company began when the original six founders came together with a sense of adventure, a love of good beer, and $150,000 in startup capital. Eventually, ‘Gansett would become the largest brewing company and beverage distributor in the Northeast.

Narragansett has seen a lot of good times, and Rhode Islanders have come to know it as their brewing company. Since 1890, the name has been synonymous with the best ingredients, flavors, and beverages money can buy. With history and quality like that, it’s only natural that ‘Gansett should produce the perfect summer beer. And this season, New Englanders can get their hands on a brand-new summer beverage by the beloved brand–Del’s Watermelon Shandy.

Sip on Something Sweet this Summer

The original recipe behind Narragansett’s Watermelon Shandy comes from a local frozen lemonade stand that got its start in the 1940s. Brought over from Italy, Del’s Frozen Lemonade was a tried and true delight that would soon capture the hearts of residents of Rhode Island and beyond. After decades of lemonade success, Del’s introduced their watermelon flavor, which quickly rose to fame.

Narragansett’s new beverage is the perfect choice for the summer season. With natural watermelon flavor, a touch of sweetness, and refreshing carbonation, Del’s WatermelonShandy is sure to be your go-to warm weather beverage. Plus, it’s the perfect accompaniment to classic summer foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and even lush, flavorful salads. Its subtle flavor cuts through the harsher tastes of barbecue and salt, leaving you pleasantly cool and satisfied at the same time.

Summer is for loving life and having a good time–and so is Del’s Watermelon Shandy! Enjoy i tat neighborhood cookouts, beachside picnics, family reunions, and more. We recommend serving it in an ice-cold mug from the freezer or pulled straight out of the cooler. It’s a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Get Your Hands on Narragansett’s Freshest Summer Beverage

Bring’ Gansett’s Watermelon Shandy and the complete Narragansett line of fresh, local brews to your local restaurant, bar, or liquor store. Mancini Beverage offers Narragansett beer for sale all over Rhode Island and Connecticut(with the exception of New Haven county).

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