So Long Sweet Summer

It’s time to say so long to summer again. Although this summer looked different than past, we hope lasting memories were made all the same. Saying “see ya later” to summer means saying “I’ll miss you” to all your Summer 2020 favorites. Don’t worry, they’ll still be here year-round when you’re yearning for a taste of summer nostalgia.

We’ve done some digging and found it’s no coincidence all 2020 favorites are ready-to-drink from a can or a bottle. Within these past two years we have witnessed the business skyrocket into the new age of easy, low maintenance drinking.

Loyal 9 Cocktails

Lemonade, Half and Half, Mixed Berry, and the newest Watermelon and Sparkling Cocktails might be giving you all the summer vibes but it doesn’t have to end there. Spice up your fall and winter with the Cranberry flavor as a stand alone or an accent.

Available in RI and CT

Smirnoff Ice

Flavorful, classic Smirnoff Ice…the party in your mouth. These colorful beverages scream summertime but it’s time to get creative. Enjoy your favorite Smirnoff Ice flavors year round by creating a Frankenstein drink for Halloween (thanks, green apple!) or jingle all the way with flavors like strawberry and green apple during Christmastime!

Available in RI and CT

White Claw

If White Claw doesn’t say, “take me to the beach” I’m not sure what does. These refreshing seltzers are available throughout the year to keep enjoying your favorite flavors.

Available in RI

Crook & Marker

Crook & Marker is the drink you never have to question when it comes to their ingredients. When you are worrying about the holidays, remember you don’t have to choose between the pie or the drink with Crook & Marker! You get to enjoy both, without the fear of excess sugar.

Available in RI and CT


Cutwater Spirits do not discriminate against the other seasons, and you shouldn’t either when it comes to your favorite drinks! With flavors like Cold Brew Cocktail, Rum & Cola, and Bloody Mary you’ll never have to leave these behind until next year.

Available in CT