Favorite Fall Flavors from Mancini Beverage


1911 Cider Donut

1911 Cider Donut hard cider is blended with brown sugar and spices to create the warm, toasty, “perfect fall” flavor of this favorite treat.

Photo Credit: 1911 Established Website

Baileys Apple Pie

Bailey’s Apple Pie tastes like freshly baked apple pie and creamy vanilla ice cream with hints of cinnamon and spices.

Photo Credit: Bailey’s Irish Cream Facebook

Captain Morgan Sliced Apple

Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is a fully flavored spiced rum with bold notes of fresh tasting sliced apples and carefully balanced with the unique signature taste of Captain Morgan.

Photo Credit: PR Newswire


Shipyard Pumpkin

To celebrate the fall season, Shipyard Pumpkinhead enhances the pumpkin flavor with a blend of spices including cinnamon and nutmeg.

Photo Credit: @thecoasterco

Ole Smoky Pumpkin Pie

Ole Smoky Pumpkin Pie evokes the warm and friendly feeling of home. It’s exactly like drinking pumpkin pie!  Made with traditional pumpkin pie spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice, and with the added taste of pie crust, and a hint of vanilla.

Photo Credit: islandinpigeonforge.com

Thimble Island Dark Pumpkin

Thimble Island Dark Pumpkin Porter adds a twist to a classic robust porter. The sweetness of the pumpkin blends perfectly with the roasted malt of the porter. Always a favorite for the fall and winter seasons, wouldn’t you agree?

Photo Credit: Thimble Island Brewing Company Facebook


Crown Royal Salted Caramel

Crown Royal Salted Caramel Flavored Whisky is a limited edition flavor, available only in the winter months to bring a little festive sweetness to your holiday season.

Photo Credit: Crown Royal Website

Kahlua Salted Caramel

This flavor was formulated to tastily liven up an iced coffee and to give cocktail lovers a refreshing and delicious twist on their seasonal favorites. Kahlúa Salted Caramel blends the tasty combination of salty and sweet. 

Photo Credit: Kahlua

Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka

A rich, premium vodka with undertones of vanilla and chocolate, our Van Gogh Dutch Caramel vodka is as sweet and decadent as the heavenly caramel candy from which it was inspired.

Photo Credit: Delights By Dawn LLC