It’s the time of year to make health conscious decisions that last! You no longer have to feel as though you can’t have a glass of wine if you’re watching calories. Mancini Beverage offers a variety of selections whether you’re #TeamWhiteWine or #TeamRedWine.

FitVine Wine

For people who want to enjoy their wine – and feel good about it.

“We believe you should know what’s actually in each glass of wine you drink. At FitVine we share what’s in each bottle, from sugar content to calories and carbs consumed – everything in between.”

Rancho La Gloria Skinny Margarita

Category Leader Creates Classic Lime and Strawberry Varieties for Consumers Looking to Celebrate with a Lighter Option

Mind & Body Wines

A delicious low calorie wine with only 9% ABV so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

“MIND & BODY wines are dedicated to empowering you to live your best life. Our premium, low calorie, low alcohol wines are carefully crafted to deliver a delicious wine experience for you to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Matua Lighter

A lower-calorie and lower-alcohol Matua Sauvignon Blanc for those seeking “Better For You” wines.

“Make a splash with Matua Lighter. 80cal. 9%ALC./VOL. <1G sugar.”

Lifevine Wines

Do you know what’s in your wine?  We know what’s in Lifevine.

“We are committed to the highest level of transparency because we believe you should know what’s in your wine. Beyond low sugar, wine should be pure and free of harmful toxins and pesticides, without compromising quality or flavor.”

Yellow Tail Pure Bright

From leaf protection, early and night harvest to cooler fermentation, and the art of blending. Yellow Tail has developed a specific process for PURE BRIGHT that reduces calories and alcohol while maintaining the same great taste and quality it is known and loved for.

Low Carb. 85 Calories or less. Gluten Free