Bottled Water: Top Selling Beverage in the Country

As much as you need to have other beverages on your shelves, bottled water is actually the top selling beverage in the country, as reported by Fortune. The grab-and-go beverage has been slowly climbing the sales charts since Perrier was first introduced in the seventies, but most people would have never suspected bottled water to outsell soda. In 2016, carbonated soda consumption was 38.5 gallons per capita, while bottled water reached 39.3 gallons.

Why Is Bottled Water So Popular?

So, what makes bottled water so in demand? It likely comes down to three things:

  • It’s convenient. People are more aware than ever of how much water they need to consume. But constantly refilling water bottles and then having to clean them, is time consuming. With bottled water, they can grab and go and then recycle.
  • It’s healthy. Additionally, the news of the ill-effects of sugary sodas is more widespread than ever before. In the past, the harmful effects of sugar (and the fake sugar found in diet soda) weren’t as well known, so more people drank it. Soda is now linked to diabetes, obesity, and more.
  • It’s cheaper. Many cities in the country now impose a hefty tax on soda beverages, making them a more expensive option than bottled water.

We Have the Bottled Water You Need

Clearly, bottled water is a must-have item for your store. No matter what else your customer comes in to buy, chances are they will want to grab a case of bottled water to go with it. At Mancini Beverages, we carry all types of bottled water, so we can meet any request that comes your way. We carry higher end bottled water, like Fiji and Voss, fortified waters, like Essentia, and even flavored waters like Hint. No matter what type of bottled water you want to complement your selection of beverages, you can depend on us to supply it.

Choose Us to Meet All of Your Beverage Needs

As your CT and RI water distributor, we know which bottled waters are the most popular, and which ones can make you the most profit. We will work with you to stock your shelves with a good assortment of bottled water that will actually sell. Our delivery drivers are always professional, and they will be sure to arrive on time and use caution when maneuvering through your store. We will also keep you up to date on all of the latest bottled water, so you can make sure to have whatever your customers request. To learn more about our bottled water selection, contact us now.