You heard right Connecticut, Captain Morgan is here!

The #1 Rum, Captain Morgan has landed at Northeast Beverage of Connecticut. Offering Original Spiced, Silver Spiced, Black Spiced and many more, your customers will have enough rum to choose from.

The back story of Captain Morgan- The Man: He was the 17th Century Welsh-Born buccaneer, governor of Jamaica.​ Being a well-loved rogue who lived a life full of mischievous and true passion for rum-seeking fun.​ ​When he spoke, people listened, whether frolicking through a bar or priming his men on a raid, his ability to inspire those around him was legendary.​ ​Over 3 ½ centuries later- his legend lives on through our rum that bears his name.

The Captain Morgan Timeline

  • 1944– Seagram Company started producing rum under the name ‘CAPTAIN MORGAN RUM COMPANY’ at Long Pond distillery in Jamaica.​
  • 1953– Sam Bronfman (CEO of Seagrams) observed that one of its key customers, Levy Brothers Pharmacy, would purchase the raw rum and add medicinal herbs and spices – aging it and then bottling it. Bronfman liked the product so much he bough rights to this “spiced” rum recipe with intention of developing it further.​
  • 1984– The idea lay dormant for nearly 30 years until it was re-launched in the US in 1984 as Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
  • 2001- Seagram sold the “Captain Morgan” brand to Diageo​
  • 2008– Distillery moved to St. Croix.​

Reach out to your Northeast Beverage sales representatives today to order yours. Remember, there’s more fun to be had with The Captain!