Enjoy the Guilt-Free Flavor of Smirnoff Zero Sugar

Do your customers love Smirnoff vodka? What if they could enjoy the incredible taste they’ve come to expect with none of the sugar?

As more and more consumers begin looking for healthier, low-sugar choices – even when purchasing alcohol – low carb alcoholic beverages are having a moment. And luckily, many well-known and beloved brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions combine delicious flavors and low calories for a drink you can feel good about – even the next day. This new line was released just in time for the hot days and warm nights of summer, and it’s the perfect option for consumers who are trying to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. With recent studies finding that most Americans consume double the amount of sugar they should, many people are making the effort to cut back. And as summer heats up, Smirnoff Zero Sugar is sure to be the beverage of choice for people who want to have their cake – sugar-free of course – and eat it too.

Lose the Carbs – Not the Great Taste

For many people, the phrase “low carb” brings to mind a boring, tasteless beverage. However, this isn’t the case with Smirnoff Zero Sugar. With three enticing flavors – Strawberry & Rose, Cucumber & Lime, and Watermelon & Mint – these infusions have no sugar but don’t compromise on taste. With Smirnoff Zero Sugar, you can still bring a little flavor to your summer barbecue, brunch, or dinner party.

The Natural, Flavorful Way to Cut Back on Sugar

A long-time leader in the vodka industry, Smirnoff is known for coming up with breakthrough innovations that meet the evolving taste preferences of its customers – and today, more and more people want low-sugar options. According to the Vice President of Smirnoff North America, the company is embracing the zero-sugar trend, offering consumers easy access to delicious and healthy spirits. Smirnoff achieves a refreshing taste by using natural flavors that people won’t feel guilty about drinking.

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions provide the perfect base for crafting delicious cocktails, but the flavors are delicious enough to be enjoyed on their own. The Watermelon & Mint flavor is both juicy and refreshing – simply add seltzer, a mint sprig, some watermelon slices, and ice, and you have a great drink meant for summer sipping. For something sweet and delicate, the Strawberry & Rose flavor combines fruity and floral flavors that are sure to please. And with its fresh, thirst-quenching flavor, Cucumber & Lime is the perfect option for hot summer days. All three flavors are gluten-free and made without any artificial colors or flavors.

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