Ketel One Botanicals: The Must-Have Drink of the Summer Season

When the temperature is hot, your customers want a refreshing beverage in their hands. This summer, the must-have drink is Ketel One Botanicals. These exhilarating varietals are available in three craveable combinations and are crafted from pure ingredients. Since the unique blends are made only with natural botanicals and fruits, and no added sugars, this beverage contains 40% fewer calories than a glass of white wine. As such, it is sure to be a hot item that is going to fly off the shelves and out of the bar. Whether you run a liquor store, or you oversee the beverage selection in a restaurant, here is all the information you need to know about this newly released addition to our wine & spirits selection.

About Ketel One Botanicals

As liquor distributors, we have had plenty of experience with Ketel One vodka, and we are excited about the new spin on this classic. Ketel One Botanicals share the crispness and purity of Ketel One vodka, but it is distilled in small batches with live botanicals. Once the distillation process is complete, it is then infused with pure fruit essences. The refreshing taste is naturally created from plants and fruits, there is no added sugar, real or fake, or any artificial flavoring. Ketel One Botanicals is a pure, refreshing beverage that has no carbs, uses only 100% non-GMO grains, and is only 73 calories per glass. It is sure to be a highly requested beverage for your health-conscious customers and varietal fans.

Available Varietals

Ketel One Botanicals is available in three refreshing combinations that you can offer to your customers. With each varietal, cutting-edge extraction methods are used to naturally obtain the rich aroma and flavor of the fruits and botanicals. The result is a fresh, crisp, craveable taste.
  • Grapefruit & Rose– This zesty varietal features the tartness of fresh grapefruit and the subtle refinement of rose petals.
  • Cucumber & Mint– Perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day, this combination of light mint accents and refreshing cucumber tones is sure to be a top seller.
  • Peach & Orange Blossom– Featuring a sweeter taste that is just as divine, this concoction is distilled with orange blossom and then infused with juicy, perfectly ripe white peaches.
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At Mancini Beverage, we have access to all of the trending beverages of the season. No matter what type you require, we can get you what you need to keep your customers happy. Our Rhode Island distributing division is the official distributor for all Ketel One products in Rhode Island. Contact us to get Ketel One Botanicals in your RI store or restaurant in time to meet the demand.