Experience the Flavor of Tampa with Cigar City Brewing

Mancini Beverage is excited to announce that we now offer a selection of beers from Florida-based Cigar City Brewing in both our Rhode Island and Connecticut portfolios.

About Cigar City Brewing

Brewing out of Tampa, Florida since 2009, Cigar City Brewing’s handcrafted beers have been winning awards from the beginning. They take great pride in the quality of their ingredients, believing that careful workmanship based on tradition is what makes a beer truly enjoyable to drink and share.

Tampa has a long tradition in the cigar industry, and this history is what inspired Cigar City Brewing to create their delicious ales and lagers.

Cigar City Brewing Tastes to Try

Mancini Beverage offers a wide selection of delicious Cigar City Brewing beers. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Jai Alai – A year-round favorite, Cigar City’s IPA gets its name from a Spanish ball game. Tampa once saw the “merry game” played regularly, and the brew pays tribute to that history. Cigar City Brewing recommends enjoying this IPA with anything spicy. Like many IPAs, Jai Alai has a high ABV of 7.5%. The beer includes a wide array of citrus notes, hitting on tangerine, Valencia oranges, clementine’s, and even candied orange peel. This is balanced by warm caramel notes, as well as the strong hop flavor that declares it an IPA. The brewery uses six different varietals to create a flavor that is both familiar and completely unique.
  • Guayabera – This brew combines the flavors of lime, tangerine, and berries to create a beer that is both as multi-functional and comfortable as the traditional Guayabera shirt worn throughout Latin America. And with an ABV of 5.5%, it’s the perfect mellow experience for year-round enjoyment.
  • Maduro – This beer is Cigar City Brewing’s take on a Northern English Style Brown Ale. Part of the year-round roster, the flavor is roasted, toasted, and chocolatey all at once. Maduro uses flaked oats and malt to achieve the deep, rich flavor profile. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cigar or cheese platter.

Behind the Cans

Cigar City has seven year-round beers on their roster and around ten seasonal beers out at any given time (not including special releases). Their exciting array of craft beers have become extremely popular across the country. And the wide variety of choices does not sacrifice quality in the least bit.

Cigar City Brewing believes in giving workers the space to pursue their passion, and it shows. Every beer they brew reflects not only careful craftsmanship and top-quality ingredients, but also the creativity and knowledge of the brewer who developed it.

Don’t let your customers miss out on these unique, delicious brews. Contact Mancini Beverage today to learn about our full selection of Cigar City Brewing products.